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Intergraph Smart Materials Release Bulletin (2020)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Release Bulletin
2020 (10.0)

The new features of Smart Materials Classic are separated by module.


  • Update of product group description will automoatically synchronize the description of the corresponding entry displayed in logon screen. (CR-MA64957)


  • Table definitions created for the new mailing concept. (CR-MA57393)

  • File transfer from client to the database server is now using Oracle Webutil technology. (CR-MA60621)

    The following modules are affected by this change:

    AS1003, C1011, D1001, J1004, J3002, L3001, OPI1001, OSCI1001, P8002, P9001, R4003, S6021.

    For the modules R3001 and A2049 the file transfer of the PDB report from application server to database server now also uses Oracle Webutil.

    For the destination directory on the database server a corresponding ORACLE directory with write privileges must exist."

  • This patch implements cloud help in Smart Materials application. (CR-MA62754)


  • P.30.21 Prepare RFQ

    When adding new bidders to an approved inquiry (ZP_ADD_BID = Y) only the new added bidders will get a notification email. The email list in window 30 shows the bidders in the same order as the Bidder column on the Bidders tab. The NDA Status listbox contains the new entry 'Hold'. (CR-MA57797)

  • With ZP_NEW_EXP = Y, both predicted and actual shipping date of an item shipment are now populated from the respective expediting dates. (CR-MA57994)

    Since a routing method may contain up to three entries of type 'Shipping', the respective date (predicted or actual) of an item shipment is calculated as the minimum of the corresponding date values of that type.

  • P.30.11 inquiries

    When creating a new inquiry supplement in P.30.11, the progress payment events of the bidders in P.30.22 Commercial Evaluation: Window 2 on the Prog Pay Events tab will be copied correctly. (CR-MA58204)"

  • P.30.11 Inquiries

    The new fields Post Bid Due Date and Post Rev Bid Due Date were added. If the tender period is active, with these fields you can control from when the buyer only can see the bids even if the Bid Due Date or the Revised Bid Due Date has passed.

    Note: The Bid Opening Date has priority over all other fields. The new fields only take effect if Bid Opening Date is not filled. Otherwise, the buyer already can see the bids after Bid Opening Date is reached. (CR-MA62941)

  • P.20.01 Suppliers/Subcontractors

    The internal handling for NDA has been adapted. Now there are two buttons for viewing documents uploaded by the buyer and uploaded by the supplier. The NDA status listbox contains the new entry 'Hold'. (CR-MA63306)

  • Traffic status not updating when it should. This has been resolved. (CR-MA63677)

  • Similar to project default ZP_PAR_APR, the new DBA setting COMP_REG_PAR_APPROV has been introduced to allow for sending approval invitation emails in parallel to all members of an approval sequence that do not have prerequisites pending. However, COMP_REG_PAR_APPROV takes effect in the area of company registration only (where approval sequences work outside the context of a specific project, which is the reason for project default ZP_PAR_APR being meaningless here).

    As with ZP_PAR_APR, the default value for COMP_REG_PAR_APPROV is 'N', i. e. by default approval invitation emails will be sent to members of an approval sequence one by one, strictly adhering to their ordering within the sequence. If you want to enable this feature, you need to declare 'Y' the active value of the DBA setting instead of 'N'. (CR-MA65828)


  • Added additional checks to C.20.04 Prepare MRR by Release Notes as well as C.20.05 Prepare MRR by Packages to ensure compatibility with the extended logistic workflow options (management of shipments including pre- and post-shipments) offered by the new Smart Materials Traffic module.

    Enhancements in checks done for Prepare MRR in view of new Smart Materials Traffic Module. (CR-MA65586)