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Intergraph Smart Materials Release Bulletin (2020)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Release Bulletin
2020 (10.0)
  • Delivering Access key implementation for Data Table Mappings and Attribute Mappings tabs for PDMS interface. (CR-MA52554)

  • You can now view list of verification sets for PDMS in a tree view format, so that you can select and manage all PDMS verification sets and its associated verification reports. (CR-MA52591)

  • Delivering access keys, help IDs and General Configuration Items standard data for PDMS screens. (CR-MA52598)

  • User will now be able to view the Additional Info for a specification in the Specification Management screen. (CR-MA52918)

  • Now users can bulk load data into different versions of S3D like 2019, 2018, 2016, 2014 R1 using the latest dlls. (CR-MA59293)

  • Implemented a new column for the Commodity Attributes Grid screen. (CR-MA61652)

  • You can now build idents in considerably reduced time in both Smart Reference Data Plus and Classic. (CR-MA62278)

  • Delivering the German translation for new MAR message codes for quick navigation to ICC/CCC Commodity Codes. (CR-MA62501)

  • Appropriate message is shown when unable to navigate to company idents screen from commodity code screen. (CR-MA62894)

  • Updated the message when user tries to create a template with the same name which is existing in other interfaces or same interface. (CR-MA63106)

  • Assigning of Data Tables for Templates to the PDMS Interface has been implemented.

    Now you can view/add/update/delete Data Tables to the Templates for PDMS Interface. (CR-MA63108)

  • Adding "PDMS Default" as default retrieval source for PDMS interface. (CR-MA63111)

  • Added "RequiredColumnValuesMissing" along with attributes as Built In verification report to the PDMS Interface. This report is used to verify consistency during the PDMS Export job in Smart Reference Data Plus. (CR-MA63117)

  • Functionality to verify the data using verification routines against PPDMS Export job is now implemented. (CR-MA63201)

  • Delivering Access key implementation for Destinations tab for PDMS interface and Standard Catalog Structure for Destinations in PDMS. (CR-MA63212)

  • Implemented access keys for assigning CMS idents and idents to transfer job for PDMS Interface in Smart Reference Data Plus. (CR-MA63218)

  • Implemented new Log Files and Transfer Files grids for PDMS Transfer Jobs. (CR-MA63320)

  • Implemented a new column for the screen Attribute Set Details Grid. (CR-MA63332)

  • Delivering standard Sheets, Attributes, Data Table Configurations and Templates for PDMS interface. (CR-MA63929)

  • Delivering context sensitive help mapping for Data Table Mapping, Attribute Mappings, Destinations and Standard Catalog Structure for Destinations in PDMS. (CR-MA64119)

  • Added standard data for standard general configuration for PDMS interface. (CR-MA64631)

  • Implementation of PDMS transfer job format generation in Smart Reference Data Plus. (CR-MA64869)

  • You can now view Comments in Smart Reference Data Plus. User can use this screen to add/view/delete the comments for a record. (CR-MA64942)

  • Implemented new grid for Notes with inclusion of functionality to manage Company and Interface Notes. (CR-MA65032)

  • Implemented new grids for Note Types and Notes for General Notes and a new Explorer view as well for the same. (CR-MA65035)

  • Implemented property view for General Notes. (CR-MA65038)

  • MAR messages created for Note Types and Notes grid. (CR-MA65050)

  • Provided Show project/product group data combo box in Notes grid. (CR-MA65056)

  • Modified import functionality of standard notes. Based on contractor interface/company defined in import configuration, notes will be imported into specific interface or company accordingly.

    Updated retrieval sources for piping note attributes of PCF and PMCD. (CR-MA65071)

  • Implemented specification header additional info, specification headers comments for WEBAPI. (CR-MA65143)

  • Provided SRD WEBAPI to query for Specification Header Details. (CR-MA65144)

  • Provided SRD WebAPI to query for Specification Header Geometrics. (CR-MA65145)

  • Provided SRD WebAPI bound function to query for Service Limits for Specification Header Geometrics. (CR-MA65146)

  • Provided SRD WebAPI bound function to query for Branches for Specification Header Geometrics. (CR-MA65147)

  • Implementation for Specification Web API business object and dynamic attributes. (CR-MA65157)

  • Implemeted Specification Item Notes business object to fetch the notes for specific specification item. (CR-MA65158)

  • Delivering MAR messages for Property View of Note Types. (CR-MA65278)

  • Introduction of New MAR messages for Transfer Idents Form. (CR-MA65355)

  • You can now view and edit Comments in Smart Reference Data Plus for non-basic grids and forms. (CR-MA65359)

  • 1. Created two settings LINE_LENGTH_FOR_FORMATS, PADDING_LENGTH in general configs for configuring line's length and required padding length for SPCOM.

    2. Added two columns in sheet configuration sheet attributes grid, which are in turn used for providing customization to the users and to select only those attributes which they want them to be displayed in the generated formats.

    3. Configuration changes are done.

    4. 'OLD' will come up for those records which exist in destination and are modified. For the rest, 'NEW' will precede the records. (CR-MA65454)

  • Handled conflicts for piping note attributes in both PCF and PMCD.

    Spec header notes and spec item notes will be updated once after resolving conflicts. (CR-MA65685)

  • 1. Addition of attributes BLTM, MTOQUANTITY, MTOLENGTH.

    2. Addition of various attributes to sheets in standard configuration.

    3. Update of retrieval sources for few attributes (CR-MA65757).

  • Implemented specification types, specification headers, specification header notes for WEBAPI. (CR-MA65761)

  • Added MAR message to include data base details after login in Smart Reference Data Plus. (CR-MA66148)

  • Delivering MAR messages for Navigation of Commodity Codes and Parts. (CR-MA66245)