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Intergraph Smart Materials Release Bulletin (2020)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Release Bulletin
2020 (10.0)

The new features of Smart Materials are separated by module.


  • Buyers can now send an NDA reminder email. (CR-MA44731)

  • Now you can maintain NDA data for suppliers. (CR-MA48279)


  • Implemented the Vendor Progress functionality for Expediting. (CR-MA38359)


  • Added OSCI Jobs Overview to Integrator screen. (CR-MA53943)

  • Added OSCI Job Details to Integrator screen. (CR-MA59925)

  • Changed handling of OPI and OSCI import jobs being scheduled jobs now. (CR-MA63590)

    Added OPI Analyzing Data screen.

    Added OSCI Analyzing Data screen.

Master Data

  • Implemented access control (Part 5 - User Assignment) for Master Data > Roles screen. (CR-MA32018)

  • Setup screens are now available for Incoterms, Expediting Rules, Fabrication/Inspection Locations and Other Costs under Master Data. (CR-MA32930)

  • Implemented the Levels and Events screen under Master Data. (CR-MA33373)

  • A setup screen is now available for Milestones, Milestone Sets and Planning Groups.

    Also, planning group results can now be viewed in the Planning screen when grouping data by planning group. (CR-MA33377)

  • This patch adds three new columns to View Suppliers dialog in Materials and Services screen. (CR-MA51771)

  • The new setup screen Closeout Activities implemented. (CR-MA53972)

  • This patch implements the Revision button in Materials and Services screen. (CR-MA55426)


  • Now you can maintain potential bidders in the Planning screen. (CR-MA32819)

  • Now you can view the budget results in the Planning screen when grouping data by planning groups. (CR-MA32858)

  • Planning group results can now be viewed in the Planning screen when grouping data by planning group. (CR-MA33377)


  • Traffic status not updating when it should, this has been resolved. (CR-MA56113)

  • An issue in item dates link to MRR has been resolved. (CR-MA64505)

  • An issue with the possibility to change Release Notes and Packages has been resolved. (CR-MA63677)

  • Traffic Coordinator / Supplier not able to delete the unwanted tags split in Traffic, this has been resolved. (CR-MA62856)

    To address the above CRs related to Traffic and Site modules integration, the new column rel_to_tship_ind is added to m_release_notes table. This column can hold the values Y and N. Y indicates that packing list will go through the shipment phase in Traffic module. N indicates that an MRR can be created for a packing list/item shipment/package without going through the shipment phase of Traffic.

    To adhere to the above changes, a migration script is placed which will update the rel_to_tship_ind column based on the current status of the items. The new table M_RELN_MIG_CR56113 is created to give information regarding the packing lists for which rel_to_tship_ind couldn't be decided. In such cases, rel_to_tship_ind is set to N.

    This may happen in the below cases:

    • if a packing list or any of its packages is both in shipment and also an MRR is created, then migration state is updated to 'MRR_Y | TSHIP_N ==> N'.

    • if any packing list is not migrated due to any unforeseen scenarios, then migration state is updated to 'NOT MIGRATED RELN'.

  • This patch includes enhancements done in areas like telemetry, EML summary phases, shipments, and shipping invoices.

    Renamed a prompt for better understanding. (CR-MA60400)

  • Added a new column to m_packages table which holds the arrival date of a package at final destination. (CR-MA65640)