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Standard Database for Intergraph Smart Reference Data Installation

Intergraph Smart Reference Data Standard Database
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Installation & Upgrade
Standard Database for Smart Reference Data Version

Set login parameters

You can log in to the application by selecting a pre-configured web service address and database connection string.

  1. Click Connection > Login Parameters.

  2. Enter the web address, security token, and connection string. You must set up the parameters only once after installation, unless the settings change in the future.

    Contact your administrator for more information about what the settings should be for your installation.

    SHARED Tip You can also a select web service address and database connection string from the drop-down list, if any pre-configured data is available.

  3. Click Test to check the web service and database connectivity.

Log in to Smart Reference Data Plus

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Hexagon PPM > Smart Reference Data Plus 10.2 SP 9 Client.

  2. Type the username SPRDSDB and password SPRDSDB123.

    Use the A.60.01.03 Change Password screen in Smart Reference Data Classic to change the password immediately after the first login. This is important because this account has superuser privileges.

  3. Click OK.

    Access to menus, grids, nodes, and screens depends on user roles and privileges.

  4. In the Working with box, select either Project or Product Group.

    SHARED Tip Click Filter to filter the projects, product groups, disciplines, languages, or roles displayed on the dialog box.

  5. In the Language box, select a language. The labels, prompts, status bar messages, and so on are translated to the selected language.

  6. Click OK.