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Update 1

  • Smart Interop Publisher provides the new Spool Tag Identifier translation option for Alias Isogen source files. Enter a property tag to create the corresponding spool in the translated Smart Model. The spool objects, properties, and relationships can be published to SmartPlant Foundation and then retrieved by the Smart Construction application for work package management. See Alias Isogen options.

  • You can configure a remote site database in cases where the SQL Server Browser service is disabled on the system. Enter the port number in addition to the server name to connect and configure. See Configure a site database.

  • Smart Interop Publisher now supports the translation of source files from Navisworks Simulate 2022 Update 2. See Supported 3D Model Formats.

  • For PDMS translation, Smart Interop Publisher can now create the relationship across the model boundary for piping, equipment, and structural elements if the related source files are combined for translation to a single Smart Model. Smart Interop Publisher processes all the required data in the selected files to generate relationship in the results .mdb2 database file. See Translate PDMS source files.

Version 17

  • Smart Interop Publisher now detects and alerts you if an empty document is going to be published to SmartPlant Foundation. This can prevent possible data loss if you have earlier versions in the SmartPlant Foundation server.

  • Added these new PDMS translation options:

    • Read only attribute files that match the RVM filename processes and translates only the .att/.datal files in the source folder location that have the same prefix as the corresonding .rvm file. This option works in conjunction with the Read all attribute files translation setting. This additional filtering option provides a more focused, efficient PDMS translation.

    • Use Purpose property to determine discipline reads the Zone Purpose property in the .att/.datal files to determine an object's engineering discipline (Piping/HVAC/Cabletray/Conduit) under that zone. This option alleviates having to manually enter discipline specifications.

See PDMS options and Translate PDMS source files.

  • A CardinalPoint named mapping has been added to the CodeListValues sheet in the default and custom PDMS mapping files to support cardinal point data for PDMS and E3D structures. Structural model data from PDMS or E3D requires cardinal point information for workflows such as those for Smart 3D Project As-Built. For example, cardinal point information is required to specify alignment of the shape of a steel profile in an As-Built Change Management model. See Map Cardinal Point for Structures.

  • A new option has been added to support the translation of DataTools properties in Navisworks source files. See Navisworks options and Translate source files exported from Navisworks.

  • Smart Interop Publisher now supports AutoCAD version 2020 .dwg files that do not contain proxy objects.

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Published Friday, July 1, 2022 at 6:49 PM