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Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher
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Release Bulletin
Smart Interop Publisher Version

Smart Interop Publisher can reduce administrative overhead of external data compared to using traditional reference file approaches. Smart Interop Publisher handles various 3D model and data formats (graphics and object properties) for display and use in Intergraph Smart® Review, Intergraph Smart® 3D, SmartPlant® Foundation, and Intergraph Smart® Construction.

Simplify your project configuration by using Smart Interop Publisher to quickly integrate multiple 3D models from various sources such as PDS®, PDMS, PlantSpace, MicroStation, AutoCAD, CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, IFC, and Smart 3D. Choose which database files are distributed to save resources. This can save system resources by eliminating the distribution of unnecessary files.


Improved integration with Hexagon solutions to optimize interoperability with Hexagon Smart 3D, Smart Construction, and Smart Review products on complex joint ventures.


Works with a wide range of datasets from Hexagon and non-Hexagon formats such as PDMS and XMpLant.


Offers an MCAD add-on module that reads native mechanical CAD formats and provides automated simplification and defeaturing options.

Key Features

  • Translate source files to generate Smart Interop Objects used in the As-Built project workflows.

  • Run translations immediately or schedule translations to run at later, timed intervals.

  • Translate a variety of common formats so that the resulting property labels are common in all Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence applications.

  • Extend the delivered Smart 3D mapping to support custom classes, interfaces, and properties.

  • Scale and position models relative to the active plant so that you can attach the reference model as required in Smart 3D.

  • Support As-Built workflows.