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After a request is created by the user, the review customer rental requests screen can be used by the approver or admin to approve or reject the request.

This screen is simple when it comes to functionality. The Approver can accept or reject the request to take it to the next step of reserving the vehicle/type of vehicle.

The other functionalities of this screen including the following:

  • The record(s) have hyperlinks to the Customer Rental Request screen, so the approver can double click on the record to move to the Request screen to view any additional information if needed.

  • There are two install parameters, whose value will determine the status of the request when user clicks Accept or Reject. They are CRENACP (Default value of Reserved) and CRENREJ (Default value of ‘Cancelled’) respectively.

  • A Reject reason is always required when rejecting a record. The Reject Reason popup will open to enter a Reject reason. The Use Reason for All check box can be used to use the same reject reason for all selected records.

Once records have been rejected, they can be viewed along with the reject reason(s) by the rental requestor on the Customer Rental Request screen.

If accepted, the focus will now be on the Customer Rentals screen where it can be issued out.