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The first step for the Vehicle Rental process is requesting a vehicle or a specific group of vehicles. The Customer Rental Request screen has been created to do this:

Customer Rental Request and Description - The Customer Rental Request is a system generated unique number for the session, with the description being a required field, filled in to name the request.

Vehicle Type - This dropdown can be used to request a specific type of vehicle like SUV, Sports car, etc. The list of vehicle types to be displayed in this dropdown can be setup by the user.

Vehicle - In addition to specifying a vehicle type, the user can also request a specific vehicle if needed.

The Rental and Return date/times are used to describe the length of the rental.

The Customer Rental Request Details section of this screen can be used to fill in vital information like Phone Numbers and Email Address for contact purposes.

User defined and Custom fields are available for extra functionality.

After entering all the required fields the user can save it and come back to it before sending it for approval. Once the request is ready to be sent for approval, the status is changed to Request Approval which will move this request to the Review Customer Rental Request screen. Once a request has been sent for approval, all the fields are protected on this screen.