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Link to a Remote Agent server in order for the Databridge server to send messages to the Remote Agent.

Databridge has to communicate over the Internet or WAN. Databridge Remote Agent can be installed in the LAN with a partner application to perform the partner functions while communicating with the Databridge server remotely. It is typically used by hosted users of Databridge with HxGN EAM.

Databridge for HxGN EAM is pre-configured to use local partner file utility, but it can be set up to communicate with Databridge Remote Agent server if necessary.

  1. Log in to HxGN EAM.

  2. Select Administration > Databridge > Databridge Partners.

  3. Select the partner to which the outbound messages are to be sent to a Databridge Remote Agent server (typically this partner is 2.), and then click the Record View tab.

  4. Specify the URL Address of the Databridge Remote Agent server. For example, http: //MyRemote Agent/ partnerservice/receiver.

  5. Specify the Login ID and Login Password if required by the destination specified in Address.

  6. Specify Retry Count and Retry Interval to set up a retry pattern.

    Retry Interval specifies the time interval in minutes between retries, and Retry Count specifies the maximum number of retries.

  7. Click Save Record.