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Schedule and monitor partner jobs. A partner job is a process of running a customized java class plugged into Databridge, to prepare data to be sent to Databridge or to further process data received from Databridge to comply with various integration requirements. You can use this feature to create an execution schedule for a partner job.

  1. Select Administration > Databridge > Databridge Partner Job Schedules.

  2. Click Add Job.

  3. Specify this information:

    Job Name - Specify a name for the job, and then enter a description in the adjacent field.

    Partner ID - Specify the Partner ID for the partner performing the job.

    Run at - Select Local or Remote for the location where the job should be performed. Unless you are using Databridge Remote Agent with your Databridge server, choose Local for this field.

    Next Run and Last Run are automatically populated.

    Java Class - Specify the java class for the job.

    Schedule Description - Specify a description for the job.

  4. Optionally, select the Active check box to enable the job to start at the Next Run date and time scheduled.

  5. Click Submit. Schedule Description is automatically populated after the job is scheduled.