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EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration

Installation & Upgrade

Connect via JMX (JDK Mission Control - GUI)

Follow the steps below,

  1. Download and install JDK Mission Control from

  2. Start JDK Mission Control.

    Before starting JDK mission control, you must install JRE/JDK on the host.

  3. Add a new connection. Click File > Connect

  4. Select Create a new connection and click Next.

  5. Click on the Custom JMX Service URL button and specify the address as: service:jmx:rmi://

  6. Set the username and password with the values _JMX1_ and _JMX2_ respectively and click Next.

  7. Choose Start JMX Console and click Finish.

Connect via JMX (JMXTerm - Command line)

Follow the steps below,

  1. Install the runnable JAR from

  2. Run the command below,

    java -jar <jmxterm.jar> -u _JMX1_ -p _JMX2_ -l service:jmx:rmi://

    JMXTerm Usage:

    When JDK Mission Control is connected to ActiveMQ, the password file ‘jmx.password’ in the Docker volume ‘amq-conf’ will be hashed.