Configure and Deploy Agent - EcoSys - - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration

Installation & Upgrade

Follow the steps below to configure and deploy Agent:

  1. Once you complete the DataStore deployment, you will be directed to the Agent part of the installation script. Enter y to install Agent on this machine. Enter n to skip Agent installation

    This step does not appear for a new installation or if ActiveMQ/Dispatcher/DataStore status has changed. You will be directly moved to next step.

  2. Answer Y to proceed with the installation process.

    If you are reinstalling or installing Agent separately, you will be also asked to enter ActiveMQ Hostname, _CREDS2_ and _CREDS5_ that you have used during the ActiveMQ Process.

    Also, you will be prompted to enter DataStore HostName, Database Name (DataStore_DB1_),DataStore UserName (DataStore_DB1_USER_) and its password(DataStore_DB1_PASS_), DataStore Truststore password.

    If ActiveMQ and/or DataStore is not configured or ActiveMQ/DataStore is installed on a different server, this step will also prompt you to enter the location/path to ActiveMQ TrustStore file ’amq-client.ts’ and/Or DataStore trustStore File ‘datastore-client.ts’. If the file does not exist at the location, install script process will be terminated.

    • You can find the amq-client.ts file on its respective server where it is installed at - /home/user/Staging/connect-workspace/activemq/swarm/activemq/conf

    • You can find the datastore-client.ts file on its respective server where its installed at - /home/user/Staging/connect-workspace/dataStore/swarm/config/run

  3. Enter n to accept the default name of the queue that this agent will use to get its messages from:

  4. Enter y to change the maximum size for java heap memory that Agent will run on.

  5. Agent Configuration completion message appears on the screen. Enter y to proceed with deployment.

  6. Confirm Agent Configuration successful deployment message.