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Standard Database for Smart Reference Data Version

The SDB Merge Tool has three different views with their key functions in header and footer section.

  • Object Hierarchy view

  • Data Comparison view

  • Details view

Object Hierarchy View

This view consists of all modules in hierarchical form. User can navigate to different tree nodes, select them, and perform merge operation.

Merging process from Source to Target database should follow the same order as the object hierarchy defined in the Merge Tool. For more information, see Step 3: Migration of SDB database using SDB Merge Tool.

Data Comparison View

Source and target data grids

Data comparison view displays data from source and target database side by side.

  • Connected databases details are displayed above the comparison grid view and selected parent and data node details are shown in hierarchy view.

  • When a node is selected in an object hierarchy view, data related to that node in both source and target will be displayed in a data comparison view with below background colors.

    • All the identical records will have no color.

    • All source only or target only records will be highlighted in green color.

    • All different records will be highlighted in orange color.

  • If the user selects a record in the data comparison grid view, the attribute details from the source and target can be viewed in the details grid.

Tool bar - toggle selection controls

Data filters

To filter the data, user can select the following data filters present on the top of the grids:


When user selects Identical check box, the records with same values in source and target database are displayed.


When user selects Different check box, the records with different values in source and target database are displayed.

Source Only

When user selects Source Only check box, records present only in source database are displayed.

Target Only

When user selects Target Only check box, records present only in target database are displayed.

User can select multiple data filters at a time.

Tool bar - merge controls


User can select and merge one or more records from source to target database. (Different and Source only records can only be merged)


User can select one or more merged records and unmerge it by clicking Unmerge.


User can select Undo to undo multiple actions performed on the data like CTRL+Z functionality.

  • Merge/Unmerge/Undo operations will only show the intended operation in the data grid and will not save the changes in the target database.

  • For all the records, which are identical in source and target, merge/unmerge/undo action will be disabled.


User can click on Refresh to obtain latest data at any time from both source and target database.

Excel Report

User can generate an Excel report of the data object selected in the data grid.

Delete and Replace

This functionality enables the user to delete and replace the target database with the source database at different nodes, where the user needs to log on to the SRD application to delete the data in the target database. It deletes the data in the target and replaces all the object data in the target database with the source database. This functionality is available only for few data objects.

The Delete and Replace option is enabled only if there are Source Only or Difference records under that node.

Custom Compare

This functionality allows the comparison of different user-specified configurations, templates, data table mappings, or attribute mappings. Custom Compare is available only on respective nodes under Smart 3D Integration.

Details View

In the Details view, attributes and respective values in the source and target database are displayed for a selected row, side by side.

  • All identical records will have no background color.

  • All different records will have orange color background.

  • All source/target only records will have green color background.

LMOD, User, and Int_Rev attributes are not used for comparison, but the differences between these values will be shown in orange color background.

Footer bar

It displays the details of the selected object in the Object hierarchy view.

  • Total: Count of records present in source and target database.

  • Showing: Count of displayed records, if any data filter is applied.

  • Selected: Count of selected records.

  • Merged: Count of merged records.

The footer displays the language (NLS) the user is logged in.

This bar also contains below two options:




It displays all the dependencies of the selected data, for example, Commodity Code will have dependency on table details, commodity group and part.


  • When user clicks Show Dependencies, a tree structure hierarchy of dependent objects is displayed.


  • It saves the merged data records into the target database.

Header bar

When user clicks , at the right end of the header, the following options are displayed.

  • Help: Contains "SRD-SDB-Merge Tool.pdf" which describes the key features and how to use the SDB Merge Tool.

  • About: Explains about the version details and incorporated software details.

  • Logout: Logs out of the SDB Merge Tool Session.