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Intergraph Smart Review Release Bulletin

Intergraph Smart Review
Release Bulletin
2020 (15.0)

Access the Intergraph Smart Support web site for the most up-to-date information about all Hexagon PPM products. To access the site, browse to the following site and type your Smart Support user name and password:

Hexagon PPM

Customers with appropriate privileges can:

  • Search the knowledge base for answers to support questions

  • Log and check on service requests

  • Check product release and support end dates

  • Find and download solutions, fixes, and service packs

  • Download the newest product documentation or read it online

  • View the compatibility matrix of products, databases, and operating systems

Software Compatibility Matrix

To view the compatibility matrix of supported software versions, click View Downloads, and then click the Product Compatibility link.

Knowledge Base

To search the knowledge base, type Smart Review and a topic name in the Search box. For example, type Smart Review piping to display all topics about Smart Review Piping task.