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The name of the overwriting file can be changed if the path and name are provided in the global.asa file. The overwriting file format must be a .asp file. This type of file can be opened with any text editor. Make sure that the text encoding of the file is suitable for the language within the overwriting file.

The maximum number of rows is written in the beginning:

Dim LangOverwriteArray(100)

The text rows follow. The file includes both the base text to be overwritten, and the new text.

The provided LangOverwriteArray number must be unique. The easiest way is to use sequential numbering:

LangOverwriteArray (1) =":Charge:::Heat Number"

LangOverwriteArray (2) =":Charge Number:::Heat Number"

' LangOverwriteArray (3) =":Charge number already exists:::Heat number already exists"

The rows can be commented out with the (‘) mark in the beginning, as shown in the third row of the example.

In the first row, the text Charge is overwritten with the text Heat Number. Here is the situation before the overwriting takes place:

After the overwriting has been added, the text Heat Number replaces Charge in the Workshop: