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The HxGN HxGN LiveView app, implemented on the HxGN Xalt Mobility platform, can be run on a mobile device or a web browser to access Hexagon engineering data. HxGN LiveView integrates with Hexagon 2D schematic applications to provide data in detailed grids, tables, and graphic views. HxGN LiveView offers a quick and efficient way for distributed teams to analyze data for project collaboration.

The HxGN LiveView app contains software components that access a Hexagon desktop application via its web API. These are the currently available HxGN LiveView components.

The illustration below shows the workflow between a HxGN LiveView component and the required Hexagon applications starting with the user request from HxGN LiveView and ending with the results displaying in the HxGN LiveView component.

** See Port Considerations in the Visualization Data Service (VDS) Help for more information on data ports.

HxGN LiveView Component

Requests, receives, accesses, and displays data from the Web API corresponding to a Hexagon desktop application. The currently supported Hexagon desktop applications include Smart Instrumentation (SI), Smart Electrical (SEL), and Smart P&ID (SPID).

HxGN Xalt Cloud Server

Contains the Xalt TENANT for the HxGN LiveView app and connects the Hexagon desktop SI/SPID/SEL applications and their respective database servers to the corresponding HxGN LiveView app component.

Port 443 on the authentication server must be open for communication with the devices that run HxGN LiveView. This allows user authentication with the OAuth protocol. The authorization server login web page must be accessible on every user system.

HxGN LiveView Configuration

Defines the function of each component in the HxGN LiveView app, and includes information required to:

  • Formulate requests to the Web API server of the corresponding Hexagon application.

  • Interpret responses from the Hexagon application web API server and present them in a readable format.

  • Define display and operation of the display screens.

Xalt Connector Gateway

Allows the tenant to communicate with the Hexagon application Web API server. Hexagon Support will help set up and install the Connector Gateway software on your provided Xalt Connector Gateway server.

Ports 8095 - 8015 on the Xalt Connector Gateway server must be open for communication with the tenant in the Xalt Cloud server.


Provides access to the available plant data and metadata in the corresponding Hexagon desktop applications. The data includes object lists, PDF documents, schematic 2D drawings, and property information.

Intergraph Smart® Licensing

Provides access to Hexagon data and Hexagon desktop applications. Smart Licensing is cloud-based and contains servers with license keys. The licensing cloud is connected to a portal web site, which can be accessed from a browser anywhere there is an internet connection. License administrators use the portal to set up configurations and generate license keys. Configurations control how users access licenses.

SI/SPID/SEL Web Database Server

Contains the data from the Hexagon desktop applications. SI/SPID/SEL desktop applications access and update data from these databases.

Visualization Data Server (VDS)

Provides the means to display 2D and 3D graphics and and associated information services accessed from a Hexagon desktop application in a HxGN LiveView component.

Authentication Service

Issues OAuth client tokens for accessing data through web API servers and through the VDS server. It can also be used for setting up user authentication to HxGN LiveView.

Port 443 on the VDS server must be open for communication with the devices that run HxGN LiveView on the Xalt platform. This allows VDS to authorize the user before displaying any data.