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Daily Actual temperatures may be recorded contemporaneously in HxGN EAM or they may be collected offline (e.g. MSExcel) and uploaded using the Upload Utility.

Data is stored for each unique date (month, day, year).

As data is stored in tables, the Temperature Averages, etc. are calculated:

  • Temperature Average for each day is calculated:

    • (Temperature Minimum + Temperature Maximum) / 2

  • Degree Day values are calculated from the Temperature Average and the Reference Point for specified days of the year.

  • Calculation is performed in Fahrenheit or Celsius, as specified.

  • The user must enter the Date, Temperature Minimum, and Temperature Maximum.

    • The system re-calculates the Temperature Average.

    • The system re-calculates the Heating Degree Days and the Cooling Degree Days using Average and Degree Day Reference Point in Record View.

There is the ability to request actual temperature data for one or more dates. This reduces to a single request what might take hundreds of requests using the method outlined above.

In addition, the GETWEATHER background job is activated nightly to automatically collect the most recent actual temperatures from the source identified in Record View.