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Selects the reports to publish.

To select consecutive reports, click the first report, press and hold the Shift key, and click the last report--all the reports in the defined range are selected. To select nonconsecutive reports, press and hold the Ctrl key, and click each report that you want to publish.

  • Reports are first generated from within the Microsoft Access project database. Microsoft Access reports can be generated using the Access export utility that saves reports as a Snapshot Format (*.snp ) file. If reports are not first generated in Access, they do not display in the Reports list. Create a folder named Reports under the project folder. Next, copy all of the *.snp files into the Reports folder.

  • This dialog box also lists all files in the Reports folder and copies them into the publish folder.


Specifies whether to publish the selected report. If a report is to be published, the word YES displays in the Publish column. If a report is excluded from being published, click Yes/No so that NO displays in the Publish column.