Place module symbols in 2D - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Material Handling

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)
  1. In Sketch 2D, click Place Belt Components Custom Command to open the Place Belt Components Dialog.

  2. Select Modules in the Select Belt Component box.

  3. In the Symbol Directory box, specify the needed Symbol Share folder.

  4. Click Place Along Tab (Modules).

  5. In the Part Class box, select the type of module to be placed.

  6. In Part Name, select the module part to place, such as a truss created using the Truss Wizard.

  7. In Count, type the number of module parts to be placed.

  8. In Offset, type the offset from the start point for the position of the first part.

  9. In Spacing, type the spacing between parts when Count is greater than 1.

  10. In Idler Height, type the appropriate height.

    The software applies the Idler Height value to the 2D symbol. The idler height displays in the 2D symbol as a dimension between the top of the truss and a reference line.

    You can change the value of the idler height dimension. The software stores the Idler Height value on the symbol. To add this value to an existing symbol, add the IdlerHeight value on the Parameters tab of the Symbol Properties dialog.

  11. In the Selection Mode box, select a method for creating the start point on the belt profile.

  12. In the Direction of Placement box, select a direction value.

  13. Based on the specified Selection Mode, select a start point on the belt profile in the graphic view of the drawing.

    After a valid selection is made, the Go button is active.

  14. Click Go to place symbols for the module parts.

  15. Repeat these steps as many times as required to populate the belt with symbols for the selected part.

  • The software places subsequent parts relative to placement of the previous module.

  • On subsequent executions, if Offset is 0, the value of Spacing is automatically used as the first offset.