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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Creates or modifies a conveyor belt from an .xml file, an .xls file, or Sketch 2D. Conveyor belts created using this command maintain a parametric relationship with the belt components.

If you modify a belt that was used by Place Belt Components, Place Trestle, or Place Belt Components in 3D, the software creates a parametric relationship between the belt and the components. For example, if you move the belt, the belt components also move to maintain their relationship to the belt. If you do not want the belt components to move with the belt, use Modify Components Relation Command.

Overland conveyor belts require horizontal and vertical curves. When you define overland conveyors in Sketch 2D, Smart 3D provides a Profile tab to display the conveyor belt design in the X-Z plane and a Run tab to display the design in the X-Y plane. Both sheets must pass through the origin (0,0). You can also import overland conveyor belts from .xml files.

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Conveyor Belt Properties Dialog

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