Modify a 2D conveyor belt - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)
  1. Select a conveyor belt that was generated from XML or Sketch 2D to display the Place Conveyor Belt Command ribbon.

  2. Click Select Path Options .

  3. To modify the conveyor belt by importing an XML file, click Path by Import XML .

    1. Change the conveyor belt parameters to meet your requirements.

    2. If necessary, set Import File Path to a different XML file.

  4. To modify the conveyor belt by Sketch 2D, click Path by Sketch 2D .

    1. Click Add Intersecting Item , and select any intersecting items you need in Sketch 2D.

    2. Click Sketch 2D . Selected objects display in Sketch 2D.

  5. Modify the belt profile using the drawing commands in Sketch 2D or by pasting the profile geometry from an external SmartSketch file.

  6. Click Finish in Sketch 2D and then click Finish on the Place Conveyor Belt ribbon.

    The software modifies the conveyor belt in the model. If you modified the belt carry-side segment, the software moves the carry-side components towards the tail-end to maintain the distance. If you modified the belt return side, the software moves the return-side components towards the head-end to maintain the distance.

If you want to extend a tail-end or head-end without altering the associated belt components position, use the Modify Components Relation Command to change the placement direction relation.