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j5 Maximo Integration Configuration

Administration & Configuration

The j5 Maximo interface can be set to automatically synchronize service requests using the incremental synchronization mechanism. This is done by checking the Service Request Auto Sync Enabled field, which results in three new options appearing on the setup screen.

Checking Sync at same time as asset sync? will cause the other two synchronization options to disappear. If this option is checked, the interface will synchronize service requests on the same schedule as was configured for assets and locations.

It will not be possible to continue setup wizard with Sync at same time as asset sync? checked if the automatic synchronization has not been enabled for Maximo Assets and Locations.

Service Request Sync Schedule defaults to "Daily" but can be set to any of the following options: Daily, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monthly. Note that the ‘Monthly’ schedule will run on the first day of every month.

Service Request Sync Time is the hour of the day that the synchronization will start (00 to 23).