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j5 Maximo Integration Configuration

Administration & Configuration

When a service request is created in j5, it is submitted to Maximo to be created as a Maximo Service Request. This is done using a create service request web service exposed by Maximo. The WSDL URL of this web service is captured in the Service Request Create WSDL URL field.

The Service Request Create Service URL is the URL j5 calls when calling the create operation in the WSDL. This Service URL is usually defined in the WSDL but Maximo can be configured to expose a different URL hence why this is a separate configuration point.

Read more about how to find the Service URL for a web service in the section on Finding the Service URL for a web service.

The Service Request Create Operation is the common text in the web service operations on the WSDL for querying service requests. For example, if the web service operations are "CreateMXSR", "DeleteMXSR", "QueryMXSR" etc, then Service Request Create Operation is "MXSR".

The SOAP tag identifier for Service Requests is the name of the Service Request object in the create service request web service. This is "SR" in the out of the box installation, but it has been known to be different in customized Maximo environments (for example, "TICKET"). The picture below shows an example of the Service Request WSDL Create operation where the SOAP tag identifier for Service Requests is "TICKET".

SOAP tag identifier for Service Requests

j5 will raise a note to the end user when a Service Request is created against a piece of equipment and a Service Request already exists within j5 for that same equipment within a certain period of time. The number of days that j5 will look back to check for duplicates is set in the Number of look back days (Duplicate check) field.