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Citrix Implementation & Configuration

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Administration & Configuration

Smart P&ID, SmartPlant Markup Plus, and SmartSketch install a set of custom fonts when the application is installed. These fonts should be packaged with those applications when served via Citrix.

  • Intergraph Architectural (TrueType)

  • Intergraph Architectural Bold (TrueType)

  • Intergraph Left Italic (TrueType)

  • Intergraph Left Italic Bold (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ANSI (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ANSI  Bold (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ANSI  Bold Italic (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ANSI  Italic (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ISO (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ISO  Bold (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ISO  Bold Italic (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ISO  Italic (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ANSI1 Symbols (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ANSI2 Symbols (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ISO1 Symbols (TrueType)

  • Intergraph ISO2 Symbols (TrueType)