Working with work packages - HxGN Smart Build - 3.0 U7 (3.0.7) - Mobile - Hexagon PPM

HxGN Smart Build Mobile Help

HxGN Smart Build

View work packages

Tap Work Packages at the bottom of the screen to view your work packages.

Open a work package

Tap on a work package name to open the work package.

Add progress to a work package

  1. Choose the required work package.

  2. Swipe left and tap the Update Progress card.

  3. Drag the % slider or enter the installed quantity to mark the progress of work package or a work step.

  • You can also tap the required work package or work step and then tap UPDATE PROGRESS from the respective Overview screens.

  • If you are progressing your work package or work step for the first time, tap START PROGRESS and select the actual start date and then mark the progress.

View resources for a work step

  1. Open a work package.

  2. Tap the Work Steps tab.

    You can see the list of work steps.

  3. Tap the required work step.

  4. Tap the Resources tab.

  5. Tap the required resource category to see the list of resources in it.

Open a model related to work package and navigate

  1. Tap on a work package name to open the work package.

  2. Tap the 3D Model tab to view a model.

  • In the Android application: Pinch two fingers together, and then spread them apart to zoom into the document, drawing, or a model. Pinch your fingers back together to zoom out.

  • In Android and iOS applications: Drag your finger on the screen to explore different parts of the document, drawing, or model.