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Intergraph Smart Construction API and Programming Reference (2017)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2017 (5.0)

You can create new parameters on the custom report object in SmartPlant Foundation.

Find the custom report for the new parameter

  1. Log on to SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client as an administrator.

  2. Find the custom report object you want to add a parameter to.

    • Click Smart Construction > Find > Administration > Custom Reports.

    • Type the report name in the Find Custom Reports dialog box.

    • Click OK.

  3. Right-click the report name and select Manage Selection Criteria to open the Manage Selection Criteria dialog box.

Create a new report parameter

  1. Click Create a new item and relate it on the Manage Selection Criteria dialog box to open the SPC_ReportParam window.

  2. Type a name in the Name box.

  3. Type a description in the Description box.

  4. Type and edit details for the new parameter in the New Report Selection Criteria window.

  5. Click Finish to save changes.

Order and add the report parameter to the custom report object

  1. On the Manage Selection Criteria dialog box, click Move Selected Item Up or Move Selected Item Down to order the parameters.

  2. Click OK to add report parameters to the custom report object.

Verify the report parameter is available on the report

  1. Log on to Smart Construction.

  2. Click Reports on the Home Page.

  3. Select the report that contains the configured parameter.

  4. Verify that the parameter displays on the Report Options dialog box.