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Intergraph Smart Construction API and Programming Reference (2017)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2017 (5.0)

You can create, configure, and manage report selection criteria and parameters for a custom report. Smart Construction users can use these report selection criteria and parameters to filter and display data on a report in order to print specific information and properties. Report selection criteria have defined properties that users can select for reports. Report parameters can be created to display data, include sections or not, turn headers on and off, and so on.

For example, a report selection criterion for Discipline can be added to the Work Scope by Discipline report. When a user prints the Work Scope by Discipline report in Smart Construction, they can select a specific discipline on the Report Options dialog box; only IWPs associated with that discipline print on the report.

Administrators can create and configure report selection criteria and parameters based on the data associated with the view definition responsible for a custom report object in SmartPlant Foundation.

The schema objects associated with the report view definition, such as graph edge definitions, property definitions, and interface definitions determine which controls display on the Smart Construction Report Options dialog box:

Control Type

Data Type


Text box

  • String

  • Double

  • Integer

  • IWP number

  • Estimated Man Hours

Combo box

  • Enumerated list

  • Relationship definitions

  • Interface definitions

  • Discipline

  • Purpose

  • CWP

  • Contractor

Date picker

  • YMD (Date)

  • Planned Start Date

  • Planned Finish Date