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Intergraph Smart Construction Release Bulletin (2019)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Release Bulletin
2019 (10.0)

The following section summarizes the important changes made to the way the software works in this release.

Some of these updates might impact any custom code written for previous versions of Smart Construction. You may have to recompile your code against the latest Smart Construction DLLs, or you may have to change your code. Review this list carefully to determine if anything will impact your implementation.


When overriding the WorkBreakdownViewModel in the Dashboard, the SetPieSliceValues method signature has changed.


The entry argument used to have only hours:

Protected Overrides Sub SetPieSliceValues(entry As KeyValuePair(Of String, Double), ByRef name As String, ByRef uid As String)


The entry argument uses an HoursObject that contains the work packages that make up this pie slice:

Protected Overrides Sub SetPieSliceValues(entry As KeyValuePair(Of String, HoursObject), ByRef name As String, ByRef uid As String)

Creating Constraints for Work Packages

In earlier releases, constraints were created at the work package level. For this release, constraints are created for individual components, and by default package-level constraints are disabled.

If you want to continue working with package-level constraints, you must enable this functionality manually. For details, see Relating constraints to IWPs.

Configuring Browsers to Load Data after a Search

When working with large data sets, you can improve system performance on first opening certain browser windows by disabling automatic data loading. For this release, there has been a change to the default settings of the DisableBrowserAutoLoad key in the SPC.Client.exe.config file delivered to [Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\SmartConstruction\2019\SPCClient on the local client computer. In previous releases, this key was delivered empty and in order to disable a particular browser from loading data on first opening, a value representing that browser needed to be added manually.

For this release, some browsers have been added to this key by default in the delivered file upon installation to improve the default user experience. For details on the current behavior, see Configure Smart Construction browsers to load data after a search.

Pipe hangers retrieved as components instead of assemblies

In previous releases, during retrieve operations, hangers were created as assemblies. For this release, the retrieve mapping groups have been modified so that pipe hangers will be created as component items. Any previously retrieved pipe hangers will remain assemblies and not be converted.

New TNS_ADMIN environment variable added for Oracle databases

For this release, the TNS_ADMIN environment variable defined for the Oracle client is required. This allows the software to locate the tnsname.ora file on the server regardless of what version of the Oracle software is installed.

You must ensure that the corresponding TNS_ADMIN key value exists in the system environmental variables. The default value is <Oracle Installation Location>\Network\ADMIN\tnsnames.ora. See Oracle documentation for more information.