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Intergraph Smart Materials MobileScan - A smart app for the modern site

Intergraph Smart Materials

If you worry about locating material on your site or material going missing or turning up at an unexpected place, Hexagon’s Intergraph Smart® Materials MobileScan 2020 (5.0) is the perfect solution for all your site-related needs.

Smart Materials MobileScan is a mobile application that enables barcode, QR code, RFID and Bluetooth tag scanning in the construction yard and is fully integrated with Smart Materials. This application provides a true omni-channel user experience and works with mobile devices, uses the built-in camera/Bluetooth and also works with an external RFID scanner. It works seamlessly by leveraging the power of passive RFID and Bluetooth technology. It make use of GPS to locate and track the materials in the inventory.

The latest improvements to the application make it truly indispensable and an invaluable tool to own when working in the warehouse.

So, what’s new, you ask?

GPS coordinates for materials

MobileScan can now capture the GPS location of materials from your mobile device during every successful scan. It also recognizes the nearest warehouse and location based on GPS coordinates.

Improved visualization

For starters, the latest version of the app comes equipped with several location and tracking related enhancements that help you visualize materials, warehouses, and locations on a map. For transfer or issue of materials, it also aids in navigating to the respective material, warehouse, or location.

Overlay geo-referenced images on Open Street Map

MobileScan now uses Open Street Map to display the location of materials on a map, thereby making the navigation smooth. You can also overlay geo-referenced images that are captured using drones or Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) on the map to give the users a real-time view of the site.

Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) beacons for tracking material

MobileScan now supports the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons for Bluetooth scanning and tracking material. The application can also consume GPS data provided by third-party companies such as BlueCats.

Traffic Scan and destination management

With the introduction of the Traffic tile, MobileScan lets you scan a shipment and update the actual date of arrival at a specific destination. This makes it easier to manage your shipments at their routing points with a more accurate estimation of arrival date of materials on site.

Is that all?

Various other enhancements have also been introduced to solve issues faced by warehouse managers:

  • Enhanced search from Item Info screen.

  • Use of heat numbers and the ability to issue material based on the heat number or specific to a drawing.

  • Capture and attach photos while receiving materials.

  • Enhanced fabrication tracking to create PO or a direct MRR.

  • And many others.

To sum it all up, the new Smart Materials MobileScan helps you eliminate waste, reduce costs by making your material easy to locate, and helps reduce human errors that result in misplaced materials. The app provides you better control of your inventory, through location accuracy, and helps you increase work efficiency with access to a single source of constantly up-to-date information. Smart Materials MobileScan can be deployed and upgraded quickly without any outages.