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You can rotate a symbol by using one of the following methods:

  • Clicking Rotate.

  • Selecting the symbol's rotate handle to turn it.

  • Using a rotation angle.

  • Using relationships applied to the symbol.

Rotate Button

To rotate a symbol, you can select the symbol and click Rotate on the Change toolbar.

Rotation Angle

You can also rotate a symbol by the rotation angle. When you drag a symbol or align it to an element, you can press the left or right arrow keys. This rotates the symbol in 15 degree increments by default. Some symbols are designed to rotate at different increments.

If the symbol is created with a rotation angle other than zero, you can rotate it by the defined step angle using the left and right arrow keys.


By default, when you rotate a symbol, it maintains its orientation on the drawing sheet. In the following example, the line and symbol share a dimensional relationship. The lower end of the symbol is set in place with a lock relationship. When you edit the dimensional value of the driving dimension, the symbol does not change its orientation. The driving dimension changes to a driven dimension that is not to scale.

You can also allow symbols to change orientation on the drawing sheet according to the relationships applied to them. This is handy if you want to change the orientation of whole sets of geometry with one driving dimension or relationship. In the example, when you edit the driving dimension between the line and symbol, the symbol changes orientation on the drawing sheet, maintaining the relationships applied to it.

For a symbol to rotate according to the relationships applied to it, you must first set an option by opening the symbol document (.sym) directly. You can open the document with Open on the File menu. Then, you must click Properties on the File menu. On the Behavior tab, you must set the Allow rotation by relationships check box. After saving and closing the symbol document, you can drag the symbol into a document.