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j5 Operator Rounds Configuration

Administration & Configuration

This section contains the Operator Round Name, Datasource, Write to Tag Trigger, Write to Tag Timestamp, and Supervisor approval section. The operator round’s name is used to identify the tasks spreadsheet. The data source, write to tag trigger, and write to tag timestamp values are used to read data from tags and write to tags. The supervisor approval section setting determines whether supervisors can revise an operator round after it has been approved.

#j5.Round: section

  • Approved entries do not appear in the Operator Rounds list view on j5 Mobile. Therefore, when the Supervisor approval section is activated, supervisors can only revise the entry on j5 Desktop.

  • If a supervisor revises an operator round after it has been approved, the approvals are wiped from the operator round and need to be completed again after the revision.