Test and adjust the operator round template - j5 - 28.0 - Administration & Configuration - Hexagon PPM

j5 Operator Rounds Configuration

Administration & Configuration

When you are satisfied that the tasks spreadsheet contains all the information the operator round requires, import the tasks spreadsheet on the j5 Operations Management System or j5 IndustraForm Designer (see Schedule and release round).

Preview and test the operator round template to ensure that the template meets requirements. You can open task groups and enter data in the preview window. You can also test the carry-over function by closing the preview window (which simulates creating the next operator round) and then opening the preview window again.

A tasks spreadsheet can be reused to create additional operator rounds. Therefore, you should correct any mistakes on the tasks spreadsheet, so they aren’t copied into future operator round templates. When the mistakes are corrected, you should reimport and test the edited tasks spreadsheet until it meets the requirements of the operator round.

When you are satisfied that the operator round template and the round plan meets requirements for the operator round, save your changes and release the work.