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j5 Operator Rounds Configuration

Administration & Configuration

Charts display process data or imported data in a graph.

To insert a chart into an existing task group:

  1. Insert a new row (right-click a row number and select Insert New Row Above or Insert New Row Below).

    Insert new row

    For a clear chart display, you should create a minimum of three new rows.

  2. Merge the cells together as indicated below.

    Merge cells

  3. Label the chart on the left, and insert the Chart type on the right.

To configure a chart:

  1. Select the Chart type cell then scroll down to the Chart/Sparkline section on the Properties tab.

  2. Select the desired data source from the Data source list.

  3. Enter the relevant tag identifiers in the Tag boxes.

Data source and tag identifiers

To display the chart on j5 Mobile:

  1. Right-click the Chart type cell and select Add to Mobile Layout.

    Add to Mobile Layout

  2. Click mobile preview to view the chart in its task group.

Preview chart on mobile