Install Web Client Services - HxGN SDx - Update 20 - Installation & Upgrade

Distributed Server Setup for HxGN SDx

Installation & Upgrade
  1. Double-click SDx_setup.exe.

  2. In the Welcome window, click Start Setup.

  3. In the Details and Features window, enter your Serial Number, User Name, and Company.

  4. In the Select Features To Install section, select the components you want to install and clear any check boxes for any software that you do not want to install.

    • Server Components:

      • Web Client Services - Installs the services that power the Web Client, which provides a browser-based interface to access data.

  5. In the Install Path section, enter the path to where the software is to be installed, and click Install.

    Required information is marked by a red star. The Install button is not available until all this information is provided.

  6. In the License Agreement window, from the Country or Region list, select your country or region.

  7. Carefully read the license agreement. When you are finished, select I agree to the license agreement and conditions, and click Next.

  8. Click Finish when the installation is complete.