Web Client license expiration and release - HxGN SDx - Update 20 - Installation & Upgrade

Distributed Server Setup for HxGN SDx

Installation & Upgrade

The SPF Web Client inactivity timeout (minutes) property in the Web Client site settings in Server Manager determines the length of time that a Web Client session can remain inactive before the license for that session is released.

This timeout countdown is suspended during a file upload.

For example, if this property is set to 10, the timeout would occur after 10 minutes of inactivity. This timeout countdown is reset by the system every time there is activity within the browser window. In other words, if the client is inactive for five minutes and then is active again, the system will wait for another 10 minutes of inactivity before timing out.

When the timeout occurs, the user is logged off and the license for that session is released.

Token lifetime expiration

There is also a property that sets a lifetime limit on each licensing token, which has the effect of setting a maximum time limit on each Web Client session. This property, Access Token Lifetime (in seconds), is managed on the authorization server within your Web Client implementation.

For example, if the Access Token Lifetime (in seconds) property on the authorization server is set to 3600, after one hour (3600 seconds), the token lifetime expires, the license for that session is released, and the user is logged off.