Relate replicated vaults to source vaults - HxGN SDx - Update 20 - Installation & Upgrade

Distributed Server Setup for HxGN SDx

Installation & Upgrade

If creating replicated vaults, each replicated vault must be related to its source vault in the Desktop Client.

  1. Log into the Desktop Client as a user with Engineer and System Administrator rights.

  2. Select Find > Administration > Vault and show all vaults.

  3. Drag the new replicated vault onto the source vault.

  4. In the New Relationship dialog box, confirm that the new replicated vault is listed as a child object to the source vault with the relationship of Replicated Vaults and click OK.

To keep the source and replicated vaults synchronized, third-party replication software may be required:

  • When an item is created in the source vault, it must be synchronized with the replicated vault using third-party replication software.

  • When an item is created in the replicated vault, it is synchronized with the source vault automatically by SmartPlant Foundation.

To relate two vaults for replication, each vault's Sub directory property expression and Maximum file count properties must match.