Set up a remote file service manually - HxGN SDx - Update 20 - Installation & Upgrade

Distributed Server Setup for HxGN SDx

Installation & Upgrade

Before beginning this procedure, you should create an application pool for running the file service application that you will create below, which may require also creating a user account for running the application pool. For detailed instructions on manually creating an application pool, see Creating and configuring application pools. If you also need to create a user account to run as the identity of the application pool, see Create a new user account for application isolation.

The site you create for hosting the remote file service is not a fully functional SmartPlant Foundation site. It can be used only for the remote file service. You cannot log on to this site in the Desktop Client and access data.

  1. Copy the file service folder (for example, SPFFileService) from the product directory location (for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\SDX\SPFFileService) to a new location on the remote file server.

  2. Create a file service application in IIS with the same name as the SmartPlant Foundation File Service virtual directory on the application server and set the physical path of the virtual directory to the location where the file service files were copied.

    The name of the application you create in IIS on the remote server must match exactly the value of the File Service virtual directory property under your SmartPlant Foundation site's File Service Settings node on the application server. For example, if that property's value is set to SPFFileService, the application you create here must also be named SPFFileService.

    1. In IIS Manager, right-click Default Web Site in the tree view, and select Add Application.

    2. Enter the file service name in the Alias box, click Select and select the Application Pool within which this application should run, enter the path to the file service files in the Physical path box, and click OK.

  3. Create a virtual directory in IIS with the name SPFViewDir.

    1. Create a folder on the server named SPFViewDir.

    2. In IIS Manager, right-click Default Web Site in the tree view, and select Add Virtual Directory.

    3. Enter the name SPFViewDir for the Alias, set the Physical path to the directory you created in the earlier step, and click OK.

  4. Edit the web.config file in the File Service virtual directory, ensuring that the following path points to the location of the SPFViewDir virtual directory on the remote file server:

    <add key="SPFViewDir" value=" " />

  5. Set permissions for file service access on the remote file server.

    For details about the directories that require permissions to be set, see the File Server Access section of Permissions for SmartPlant Foundation processes.