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Automatically displays all the dimensions in the symbol document. You can use this tab to create symbols that fit to text. You can also use this tab to define drag handles for resizing when you place the symbol in a document.

The information that appears in the Value and Symbol Parameter columns also appears in the Value and Name columns of the Attribute Viewer. The Attribute Viewer displays this information when you place or select a symbol in a document.


Displays the name of the dimension or variable that you selected in the table. You can select a row in the table by clicking the row.

If you want to see which dimension in the symbol corresponds to the row that you have selected, you can move the dialog box to one side of the document window. The corresponding dimension is highlighted in red.

Symbol Parameter

Displays the parameter that you assign to the dimension. To assign the symbol parameter, you must first click a row in the table. You can then type in your own name for a symbol parameter or select one from the dropdown list.

If you want to create a symbol with parametric handles for resizing the symbol, you must assign the following symbol parameters to dimensions in the symbol document: Top, Bottom, Right, and Left.

Driven dimensions cannot have parametric attributes or parametric handles for resizing the symbol. Driven dimensions appear grayed out. You cannot select a driven dimension in the table.

Name Column

Displays the name of a dimensional value in the symbol document.

Value Column

Displays a dimensional value or variable in the symbol document.

Formula Column

Displays a formula for calculating the dimensional value.

Symbol Parameter Column

Displays the name of the parameter that you assigned in the Symbol Parameter box below the table.

To use this functionality, you must install the Symbol Authoring option.