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Places and edits SmartText in a symbol. When you create SmartText in a symbol, you are defining the text attributes for the symbol. When the symbol is placed in a document, you can edit the values of the attributes in the Attribute Viewer. SmartText is typically used to create a SmartLabel.

Existing text

Specifies the text that appears in the SmartLabel. You can type in plain text or enter a field by defining information in the Item, Property, Value, and Format boxes.


Determines the format of the characters that you want to appear in the SmartLabel. You can define such things as font, font style, and font size. For example, you can select Arial Bold.


Defines the type of object to which the SmartLabel is associated.


Names the attribute of the object that you want to label such as Manufacturer, Cost, or Location. The name you enter in the Property field must match the name of the attribute you want the SmartLabel to display. You can use the Attribute Viewer to view object attributes.


Identifies the value of the property based on what appears in the Format box. The values of attributes can be predefined, or the values can remain null.


Identifies the format of the object attribute specified in the Property field. For example, if you entered a text attribute, such as Cost, the logical format is String (that is, text=string). The format is any format supported by Visual Basic.

Insert Field

Enters the information that you specified in the Property, Value, and Format boxes into the SmartText Editor box.

If you want to remove a field, you must select the field in the SmartText Editor box and press Delete. Then you can define a new field.

To use this functionality, you must install the Symbol Authoring option.