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You can manipulate a symbol just like you would manipulate other graphics. For example, you can edit symbol properties, apply relationships, move it, or copy it. When you manipulate a symbol, it behaves as a single unit. You can view properties for the symbol in the Attribute Viewer that appears at the bottom of the Symbol Explorer.

You can click any part of a symbol to move it around in a document.

Some symbols are created with drag points that appear as green dots on the symbol. When you move the symbol around in the document, the pointer automatically attaches to the drag point that you used most recently. You can change drag points by pressing the Up and Down arrow keys.

If you drag a symbol on an element in the document, the symbol is automatically associated with that element. When the element moves, the symbol moves with it. You must click one of the green drag points on the symbol and then move the symbol to the element.

Some symbols cannot be associated with an element depending on what options were set when the symbol was created.

Aligning a Symbol with an Element

Many symbols align automatically with elements in the document.

When associated with an element, these symbols display a green lock handle. When the element moves, the symbol moves with it.

You can click the lock handle to free the symbol from the associated element. When you unlock the handle, you can move the symbol away from the element. If you move the element, the symbols stay in its original position.

You can use the lock behavior in many ways. For example, you can ensure that a door symbol moves with the wall to which it is attached if the lock handle on the door symbol is locked. If you want to move the wall, and not the door, you must click the lock handle on the symbol to unlock the door symbol from the wall. The door now remains in its current position when you drag the wall away from it.

Aligning a Symbol with Another Symbol

Some symbols can be placed only on other symbols. These symbols are created with drop points that allow you to align the symbol to a precise point on another symbol. You cannot place a symbol with drop points on an element, such as line, arc, or circle.

When a symbol has drop points, red dots appear to indicate the drop points defined on the symbol. These drop points let you know where you can place the symbol on the target symbol. When you click a drag point on a symbol and drag it over another symbol, the drop points appear as red dots. A bull's eye appears when the drag point and drop point are exactly aligned. You can then attach the symbol to the other with precision.

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