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Make sure that you save the source document before you link the information.

Create a link to another document

  1. In the software in which the information you want to link was created, open the source document and then select the information that you want to link.

  2. Click Edit > Copy.

  3. Switch to your original document.

  4. Click Edit > Paste Special.

  5. Click Paste Link.

    With this procedure, you can create a link only to an entire document; you cannot link to a selection in a document.

  • The software creates links as automatic links by default. It updates automatic links each time you open the document and each time the data in the source document changes, whereas it updates manual links only when you specify. To change the way the software updates links, see Update a Link.

  • You can also link information by dragging and dropping a document from the Windows Explorer onto the drawing sheet. You must press CTRL + SHIFT while dragging and dropping to link the information. If you do not press a key, the information will be embedded.

  • If you insert an .igr or .sym document into the document, the terminators, spaces, text, and styles appear in paper units relative to the source document. The dimension lines and extension lines scale as though they are in real-world units. This behavior can cause the dimensions and text to appear very large or small in the container document.

  • In order to save files containing unavailable linked references to a previous version of the software, you must do one of the following:

    • Delete the SmartFrame that references the unavailable linked file.

    • Make the link available by restoring it to its original location, or place the linked file in the same location as the file that references the link.

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