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 Places SmartPoints on a symbol. SmartPoints are points that can serve up to three functions: connect points, drop points, and drag points. The purpose depends on the symbol.

Connect point attribute

Connect points are points at which a connector attaches to a symbol. You can place connect points in free space on any part of the document or on an element.

You can attach connectors to symbols with the Connector button on the Draw or Schematic toolbar.

Drag point attribute

A drag point is the point to which the pointer attaches for dragging a symbol. This attribute, when combined with the drop point attribute, allows precise attachment between symbols.

Drop point attribute

Drop points allow for symbol-to-symbol connections. When you click a drag point on a symbol and drag it over another symbol, the drop points appear as red dots. A bull's eye appears when the drag point and drop point are exactly aligned. You can then attach the symbol to the other with precision.

To use this functionality, you must install the Symbol Authoring option.