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  1. On the drawing sheet, select the image or images on which you want to define a select area.

  2. On the Image Integrator toolbar, click Polygonal Select Area .

    To use this functionality, you must install the Image Integrator option.

  3. Click to define the first point of the polygon select area. When you select the first point, a dynamically drawn solid line connects the first point to the cursor.

  4. Click to define additional points to define the shape of the polygon select area. As you define additional points, the software dynamically displays a solid outline of the polygon.

    • While drawing a polygon-shaped select area, you can back up a point at a time using the Backspace key. When you press the Backspace key, the last line segment in the solid outline is deleted, and you can continue creating the select area from the previous point. You can continue pressing the Backspace key until you are at an appropriate point to begin defining the polygon again.

    • You can also use the Alt and space bar keys to modify the default behavior of the Polygonal Select Area command.

  5. Right-click to end the polygon. When you complete the polygon, the solid select area outline becomes a dotted outline.

  • As you create a select area with the Polygonal Select Area command, you can use the following modifier keys to change the behavior of your selection:

Keyboard Modifier



Adds a new area to an existing select area (union).

Space Bar

Subtracts the overlapping area from the existing select area (difference).

Space Bar + Alt

Designates the overlapping area as the new select area (intersection).

  • The Shift key is not a valid modifier for the Polygonal Select Area command.

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