Format Part of an Element - SmartSketch - Help

SmartSketch Help

  1. Click Segmented Style on the Isometric toolbar.

    • To enable the Isometric toolbar, click Tools > Add-Ins. On the Add-In Manager dialog box, select the Isometric Toolbar Commands check box, and click OK.

    • After you enable the Isometric Toolbar Commands add-in, you can use View > Toolbars to toggle on/off the Isometric toolbar.

  2. On the ribbon, click the style or colors that you want to apply to part of an element.

  3. Click the element to which you want to apply the style. The format extends to the next element that crosses or bounds the element to which you are applying the line type or color.

  • Segmented Style does not recognize symbols as a bounding element.

  • If you change the size of the element, you must re-apply the line type or color by using Segmented Style.