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Text Style - Displays the style for a text box.

Font - Lists and applies the available fonts.

Font Size - Applies a text size.

Font Style - Lists the available font styles.

Underline - Underlines text.

Language - Lists and applies a language for text in a text box. If you use text characters from more than one language in a text box, the option you specify in this box determines the way the lines wrap in the paragraph.

Units Space - Sets the paragraph to paper units or to world units. You can change this control only when you are creating new styles from the Format Styles or Format Text Box dialog boxes. When you view this control from the Properties dialog box, it is read-only. You can change the control from the Info tab because all paragraphs contained within a text box must exist in the same units.

Within the drawing environment, "world units" is synonymous with the term "model units" found in other CAD packages.

Font size type - Specify the method for measuring font size: Ascender, Cap, or Tile.

  • Single sets the line spacing for each line to display the largest font in the line.

  • 1.5 sets the line space for the line to one-and-a-half that of single lines.

  • Double sets the line spacing for the line to twice that of single lines.

Paragraph Spacing - Specifies the amount of space before and after paragraphs. No spacing exists before the first paragraph and or after the last paragraph.

Before - Adds space before a paragraph. This value is set in the current working units, not in points.

After - Adds space after a paragraph. This value is set in the current working units, not in points. You can set the units using Units on the Format menu.

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