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Controls the way layers and layer groups appear in a window.

Row Button

Indicates the layer being modified. The active layer cannot be modified and is indicated by a solid filled check box in the display column.


Controls the display using layers and layers groups. The Layers column displays an alphabetical list of layers and layer groups for the active drawing sheet.

Layer groups appear first in the list followed by individual layers. You can control the display of each layer by setting the options you want in the Display, Lock, Color, Type, or Width columns.


Displays the elements listed on the Layers tab. If you set the box next to the element, the element is displayed in the active document (if its layer is displayed).

A check appears in each box when you first access the Layers tab.

  • You can set the box next to each element to display all the elements.

  • On the Layers tab, you cannot turn the active layer off.


Locks or unlocks elements and layers in a view to control whether the software can locate them. If an element or layer is locked, you can still see it on the screen, but you cannot locate it or perform actions on it. You cannot lock the active layer.

  • If the lock beside a sheet or layer appears locked, you cannot locate the element or layer in the active document or drawing sheet.

  • If the lock beside a sheet or layer appears unlocked, the element or layer is not locked and you can locate it.


Overrides the color for a layer or layer group or applies another color to an element. You can select a color from the list. You can click More to define custom colors with the Colors dialog box.

Line Type

Overrides a line type for a drawing sheet or embedded object and sets another line style for an element or linked object.


Selects another line width for layer or layer group.


Saves the changes and closes the Display Manager dialog box.


Ignores any changes and closes the Display Manager dialog box.


Applies the current display settings.


Removes all overrides from the selected row. You must select a row before you can click this button. You can clear settings from only one row at a time.


Activates the Online Help for the Display Manager dialog box.

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