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  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. On the Foreign Data tab, click the software that you want in the Format box.

  3. In the Import box, click Options to access the MicroStation Import Options dialog box.

  4. On the General tab of the dialog box, enter the folder path and template in the Template File box.

    You can search for the seed file by clicking Browse.

  5. On the Browse dialog box, click the seed file.

  6. On the Open dialog box, select the .dgn extension.

  7. Select the document to open.

  • If you create a reference file, you can either click Insert > Object or drag a MicroStation document from the Windows Explorer into the current document.

  • After you place the MicroStation information on the drawing sheet, you can locate elements and establish relationships between the new information and elements that are already in the current document.

  • You can use DGN resource files to preserve the original fonts and line types of the document when you open a MicroStation document with File > Open. You can set font locations before opening the MicroStation document by clicking Tools > Options and then clicking the File Locations tab. You can set options for line types by clicking Format > Style and then clicking Resources.

  • MicroStation line strings are imported as SmartSketch line strings.

  • MicroStation point strings are imported as groups.

  • A MicroStation text node (two or more lines of text handled as a text box) is imported into the software as two separate line strings (text boxes).

  • When you open a MicroStation document that has references to other documents, those referenced documents show up as well. Nested reference documents can be up to four levels deep. You can locate referenced documents in the current document.

  • You can use the Registration Extension utility (igrRegisterExtensions412.exe) to register alternate MicroStation extensions so that SmartSketch will recognize them as valid MicroStation files without having to rename them. The utility is delivered to the ..\SmartSketch\Program folder on your computer after you install the software.

  • To use this functionality, you must install the Translators option.

  • All translation options for opening AutoCAD documents using Open on the File menu are delivered through the Custom or Typical setup for these options. If you cannot open an AutoCAD document, you should re- install the software with the Custom or Typical setup for these options.

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