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Before you can link a variable to a spreadsheet, you must first create the variables you want in the design document. You can link to a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software that can link or embed objects.

  1. In the current document, create a rectangle and dimensions as shown.

    Use Line/Arc Continuous on the Draw ribbon to create and dimension the rectangle as specified in the previous illustration.

  2. Click Tools > Variables to display the dimensions you defined.

    • Although the values that appear in the Name column are automatically generated by the software, you can edit the names.

    • By default, the Variable Table filter is set to Last selected window, meaning that only the variables that are associated with elements in the active window will display. To display all the variables that are associated with the elements in the current document, set the filter to File.

  3. In Excel, create and save a document that contains the spreadsheet you want to link to. The spreadsheet should contain the appropriate values for dimensional relationships as follows:

  4. Arrange the windows of the Excel document and the design document so that you can see the appropriate cells in both documents.

  5. In the Excel document, select the cell that you want to link to.

  6. Click Edit > Copy to copy the selected cells.

  7. Click the design document so that it becomes the active document.

  8. In the Variable Table, in the Formula column, click the cell of the variable that you want to link the spreadsheet to.

  9. On the shortcut menu, click Paste Link.

    • To access the shortcut menu, put the mouse pointer in the white area of the Variable Table and right-click.

    • Click Enter to accept the value you pasted.

    • Repeat the previous steps as needed for the other values. The resulting Variable Table should update as follows:

When you edit the value in the Excel document, the variable in the Variable Table updates as well. When you link the dimensions in the design document to the Excel document, you can change the dimensions of the design document by editing the corresponding values in the Excel document. The design document automatically updates.