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SmartPlant Instrumentation Server Installation and Configuration Guide

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
Installation & Upgrade
2016 SP1 (11.0.1)

If you have not already installed and configured SmartPlant License Manager on your workstation, we recommend doing so before installing SmartPlant Instrumentation.

SmartPlant Instrumentation requires the SmartPlant License Manager software for concurrent licensing for both the core SmartPlant Instrumentation product and for each module.  This licensing software is delivered on its own media.  For more information about using and configuring concurrent licensing, refer to the SmartPlant License Manager Online Help.

The installation of SmartPlant Instrumentation Server requires that you have already installed SmartPlant Instrumentation. For more information on how to install SmartPlant Instrumentation, see the Installing SmartPlant Instrumentation section of the SmartPlant Instrumentation Installation and Upgrade Guide.

The following procedure explains how to install the SmartPlant Instrumentation Server components after installing SmartPlant Instrumentation.

The installation media must be available from the same device that was used to install SmartPlant Instrumentation.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features.

  2. Click on the SmartPlant Instrumentation icon and select Change.

  3. On the Modify window, click Additional Software.

  4. On the Additional Software page, click Intergraph SmartĀ® Instrumentation Server.

  5. On the Welcome page, click Start Setup.

  6. On the Details and Features page, type your name, company name, and serial number, and click Next.

    The serial number is used for initial installation purposes only.  A license key is required to run SmartPlant Instrumentation.  For more information, refer to the SmartPlant License Manager Online Help.

  7. On completion of the installation, if you want to open the Readme file, select View Readme.

    • The Readme file opens after you click Finish.

    • We recommend that you choose to view the Readme file, as it contains important information about SmartPlant Instrumentation.  You can find this file, Readme.htm, in the SmartPlant Instrumentation home folder or in the root folder of the installation media.

  8. Click Finish to complete the setup and installation.

The driver used for printing the PDF files is included in the SmartPlant Instrumentation installation. This printer is used for PDF generation and should not be removed or used for any other purpose. If you are unable to generate PDF files because this driver is missing, restore the driver by running the executable file PDFInstall.exe, which is installed by default in the software installation folder path ..\SmartPlant\Instrumentation\.