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12.1 (2019)

Determines the size and shape of the revision cloud and the text within the revision cloud.


Sets the line style for the revision cloud.

Line Color

Sets the line color for the revision cloud. You can click More to define custom colors with the Colors dialog box.

Line Type

Sets the revision cloud line type and style.

Line Width

Sets the line width for the revision cloud.

Arc Mode

Defines the size of the arcs that are placed as you draw the revision cloud. You can specify that the arc sizes be drawn randomly, or you can specify that they are all either small, medium, or large.


Specifies the text to be placed as a label for the revision cloud. If you do not want a label to be automatically generated, leave the caption blank.

Fill Cloud?

Indicates whether or not the cloud is filled with a semi-transparent yellow fill. For no fill, leave the checkbox empty. The following illustrations shows a revision cloud with that was drawn with the Fill Cloud? option turned on.

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